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This is just the tip of the iceberg. With a $200 million plus payroll, this team, or rather the players that take up most of that payroll, ought to be ashamed of themselves. Check out the Yankee dug out camera shots during the games since the slump began. Grins, giigles and smiles like everything is AOK!!! "'s just a slump, we'll be fine." Granted, not all of them are smiling...Posada is clearly pissed. But is it because the team is sucking or because he's not getting what he wants? Look at any other team's dug-out shots when they're down in a game. Game they're at work, need to get stuff done and determined to do it....i.e KC with their measly $30 plus million payroll. The Sawks were winning every game in this series and had still had their games faces on. They meant business all weekend. Check out the close-ups on A-hole, er I mean A-Rod. Half the time he's busy looking in the stands for ladies. Seems like his addiction is breaking his concentration at the plate and on the field. Lots of players grab their crotches to adjust the old cup. A-Rods grabbing for a different reason! But then watch the close-ups on him any other time. A big s _ _ t eating grin like he's saying...."oh well, it is what it is..but I gots mine"...mine being his $32 million a year. Blowing an easy ground ball in last nights game was unforgiveable for the highest paid player in the game. But he still had that Alred E. Newman look..."what me worry?" 

Age is one thing, every player at every level reaches his final years and none of them are ever ready to accep it. I get that. But this is beyond age. It's about attitude. Currently the worst defenesive team in baseball, but acting like they don't give a crap. Jeter himself is also showing a s _ _ t eating grin on his face. As a Yankee fan, the last thing I want to see on the face of any Yankee right now are those freakin' grins while they're playing like crap. They showed a shot of Swisher last night in the dugout and he looked lost. But then he's played like he's out in right field.

In the mid to late 90's when Torre was there and Jeter was a young up and comer, you'd see game faces. Win or lose, those teams meant business. I doubt if, Andy Petitte, David Cone, Tino Martinez, Paul O'Neal, Scott Brosius, Bernie Williams or even Girardi himself would stand for the lackadaisical attitude that runs through that clubhouse today.  One of those guys would be screaming and yelling like hell to get them to get their s _ _ t together. There seems to be no sense of urgency on this team. If the Boss was alive today, there would be a lot of people s _ _ tting in their pants right now. But the leadership seems to be gone. Like no one wants to step it up. Did the Yankee mystique get buried with George?  These guys get paid more than I could make in 400 life times...F _ _KING PLAY LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need a guy like Paul O'Neal to start throwing crap around and show they really hate to lose. Because right now, the highest paid players they look like a bunch of softball keg players. Pour me a Bud-Light STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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